Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween Pumpkins

The purpose of this game is to stack the pumpkins together to destroy them
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Halloween Pumpkins is a puzzle game that resembles the popular tetris in style. In this case your task will be to destroy the pumpkins, or to make them dissapear by putting the pumpkins of the same color one next to each other. Once you have three or more pumpkins of the same color together, they just vanish. You have to be careful because if they don’t match, they will stack together at one or both sides and reach the edges of the screen, making you lose the game. Remember that you have one pumpkin at each side, so a bit of strategy is needed. There are several types of pumpkins, and you will also find along the game some bonuses such as a skull or a bone, that will destroy several pumpkins at the same time. However, you should use them carefully, when it is really necessary to make the most of them. You should also take care of the evil Witch, who will cast spells over the field, making new and more frightening pumpkins emerge from her wand.
Halloween Pumpkins is very easy to play, and what is more, it has nice graphics and sound effects which enhances its performance. One of its biggest advantages is that, as it is a flash game, it turns out very straightforward, and does not require a longtime downloading. In addition to this, and most importantly, is that you surely will love this game.

Review summary


  • Easy to play
  • Nice graphics and sound effects
  • Hours of fun
  • straightforward downloading


  • You can easily spend hours playing it
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